Warranty Registration

Rugged Liner warrants, to the original purchaser and proof or purchase, and that product is free from defects in material and workmanship. Rugged Liner may at its option either repair or replace products that prove defective.

There are no Warranties for used products or products that have been repaired, altered, modified, subjected to misuse, negligence, accident or ordinary wear and tear or acts of God. Call 1-800-433-3604  for complete details.

Rugged Liner Product Warranty Period
Rugged Liner  Limited Lifetime
Premium Hard Folding 3 Year Limited
Premium Soft Folding Limited Lifetime
Premium Roll UP Limited Lifetime
E-Series Hard Folding 3 Year Limited
E-Series Soft Folding Limited Lifetime
HC3 Hard Folding 3 Year Limited
Rugged Wheel Well Liners Limited Lifetime

Rugged Liner truckbed liners or Rugged Cover truckbed covers purchased through an authorized dealer are eligible for the full manufacturer's warranty. Anyone who purchases product(s) through eBay or other unauthorized internet sites should be aware that they may be buying used, defective, or incomplete product(s) and that the product(s) purchased may not be covered under warranty.


Warranty Registration
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