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Private Label Program

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Rugged Liner®, the industry’s premier bedliner manufacturer, has developed an innovative program to help deliver name recognition and increased profits for your business. It’s the Rugged Liner®Private Logo Plate Program.

Prominently displayed within the framework of a Truck Rugged Liner®, this patented and eye-catching Rugged Liner® Private Logo Plate is easy to install and doubles as a business plate, fitting any standard license plate mount. It is available with a black matte background finish with logo/type colors in red, white, blue or black. Plates come in standard and custom designs.

The Rugged Liner® Private Logo Plate Program is an efficient and cost effective way to advertise.  Standard and custom prototype fees and cost associated with plate increments are given only by authorized Rugged Liner® Distributors.

Contact your nearest authorized Rugged Liner® Distributors for more details or contact Rugged Liner® direct by phone  at 800-433-3604 or email.